Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Doctor consults with patient and recommends HipMap as part of their consultation and treatment regime to enhance their surgical experience.
  2. Doctor gives patient necessary clinic info and directs them to MYHIPMAP.COM for order and payment.
  3. Patient orders and pays for HipMap and submits clinic info, preferred email, and next consult or pre-op date. Patient is notified immediately payment has been made.
  4. Notification and relevent information is sent to PacMed HipMap Team.
  5. Pacific Medical HipMap Team reviews order to make sure it can be processed by next appointment date. If not, patient and doctors office are notified. If time line looks good, Pacific Medical notifies doctors office that patient is authorized and to send CT scans to Stryker to process..
  6. Stryker performs HipMap and sends to doctors office. Stryker notifies PacMed HipMap team the analysis is complete and sent to doctors office.
  7. Pacific Medical HipMap Team notifies patient that their HipMap is available at their doctors office for review at their next scheduled consultation.