About My HipMap

HipMap provides a tool to:

  • Communicate surgical needs to patients
  • Identify potential sources of instability
  • Pre-operatively assess your pathology
  • Pre-plan inter-operative resection
  • Provide scientific evidence to justify potential repairs
  • Improve the patient experience
  • Reduce potential revision surgeries
HipMap is a CT based analysis tool provided by Stryker Sports Medicine division as part of an Advanced Surgical Experience with billing services available through Pacific Medical, Inc.
HipMap has no procedural insurance code and is a non-covered benefit available as a cash pay in the amount of $500.
Once payment is made, your doctors office will be notified that you are approved and will send your CT scans to Stryker after they have received them from your imaging facility.
Within 2-4 days of receiving your scans from the doctors office, Stryker will return a Hip Map analysis back to your surgeons office to review with you at your next scheduled appointment.
The entire process may take as much as two weeks depending on your imaging center, physician's office, and Stryker Sports to communicate all data.
By proceeding with an order and following through with payment, you authorize Pacific Medical to bill your credit card for these services on your behalf.





CT Scan


Pre-Op Planning

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